Areas of Expertise

We have a team of lawyers specializing in all aspects of the Banking and Finance Industry. Our Team has the capacity to handle all matters related to the formation, registration and licensing of Banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions and Bureaus de Change. Once licensed and operational, our team is capable of assisting with the development and review of Internal Policy and Employment Manuals as well as Internal Regulations. Our team is well experienced in handling debt structuring and restructuring, preparation and perfection of security documentation, recoveries, Commercial Litigation and arbitration as well as the handling of due diligence investigations.

The Partners of Lyson Law have had years of experience of advising clients with regards to company law and corporate governance and accordingly have the requisite expertise related to company formation, the formation of partnerships and the licensing thereof.  We draft policies and regulations for companies designed to maintain harmonious relations between shareholders, management and employees.

Our Team is experienced in obtaining Investment Centre Certification through the Tanzania Investment Centre as well as Strategic Investor Status through the National Investment Steering Committee.

Our Corporate Governance Attorneys bring practical judgment, innovation and a broad perspective to counseling boards and board committees, senior management and internal legal and compliance departments in the high-stakes and time-sensitive arena of disclosure, shareholder activism, corporate governance and compliance. We routinely counsel companies on day-to-day challenges and are well-positioned to respond rapidly and effectively to special challenges and crisis situations

We are conversant with listing regulations and can guide stakeholders through mergers and acquisitions, including but not limited to competition regulations and other regulatory regimes.

We support our clients by appearing in all employment-related forums including the Commission for Mediation and Arbitration (CMA), High Court Labour, Court of Appeal. We also assist our clients with legal opinions, disciplinary hearings, training sessions, bargaining exit packages, drafting agreements, reports, policies, guidelines and internal employment manuals.

Tax Laws, domestic and international are constantly evolving and you will regularly come up against new problems. Our corporate and individual tax lawyers will give you innovative, comprehensive and commercially focused tax advice allowing you to spend your time growing your business, not dealing with the process.

Litigation is our last resort, amicable negotiations works better with our clients’ interests for good relationships with tax authorities.

Our expertise covers every type of enterprise – from NGO’S, Societies, Trusts, Individual entrepreneur to Public and Private Companies. We also work with individuals in the finance and media sectors, entertainment and sports personalities and their agents and property developers. We develop long-term relationships, working with clients as their businesses grow, responding to the need for more sophisticated tax structuring and planning advice as it arises.

We believe that the drafting of contracts is not a matter to be taken lightly. A contract written too hastily will inevitably be a source of problems and costly failures which are best avoided before they occur by seeking the timely help of skilled advisers who take the time to understand the needs and intent of the parties. Our Lawyers take the time to listen to our Clients and prepare contracts best suited to their needs.

Our Lawyers have vast experience in the handling of all types of insurance matters both contentious and non-contentious, including but not limited to regulatory matters, investigation and Compliance, Indemnities, Mediation and Commercial Insurance litigation.

Our team can offer you advice on a wide range of functions and sector-related issues including: ICT infrastructure; software licensing, distribution, integration and development; services integration and aggregation; contract management; off-shoring; procurement; business processing; technology turnkey solutions; e-commerce; software and technology-related intellectual property issues; data privacy; cloud service solutions; and information security.

Recognizing that real estate issues often require local resources and expertise in many other areas of the law, LLG builds cross-disciplinary teams according to clients’ needs. Real Estate Practice has been involved in numerous landmark real estate finance, private equity, and development transactions, advising on:

  1. Condominium
  2. Property Management 
  3. Transfer and Renewal of a Right of Occupancy
  4. Mortgage Financing
  5. Land Ownership through Joint ventures
  6. Short & Long term Lease
  7. Easement
  8. Sale & Purchase of Lands
  9. Land division
  10. Mergers and acquisitions of real estate based businesses
  11. Restructurings and workouts of troubled loans
  12. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  13. Estate Project developments
  14. Land use

LLG will help you with registration of all local and international NGO, Obtain Permits, Tax Compliance Matters, Research, Certificates, conduct due diligence, legal compliance and register Trustees.

LLG is full of legal expertise to assist you through the process and all compliance matter including; Immigration issues, Human Resource Management, employment manuals 

Disputes and conflict are never welcome, but whether you are involved in full-scale litigation, a formal legal dispute, or simply a breakdown in amicable commercial relations, our litigators can advise and support you in effectively handling your matter to its ultimate resolution.  You will receive the highest standard of technical and strategic advice, grounded in industry-specific knowledge and expertise.

You will be working with pragmatic lawyers, with many years’ of experience in resolving both commercial and personal disputes, for whom strategic and tactical awareness are at the heart of their advice. You will benefit from the varied experience of a team that includes accredited mediators and Advocates.

Our Family Lawyers will be there to listen and assist you with all legal issues in relation to Family Law, including but not limited to Adoption, Citizenship, Affiliation of Children, Counselling, Mediation, Litigation, Spousal Consent, Divorce, Separation, Custody of Children, Birth Certificate, Property Ownership, Marriages, Promise to Mary, Abuse, Desertion, Cruelty, Executing Judgments and any family issues that need attention of a Lawyer.

Lyson Law and its team of Lawyers will assist you with well thought out Estate Planning so as to ensure that your loved ones are left secure in the unfortunate circumstance of your untimely demise.

The Team at Lyson Law will assist you based on your needs and requirements to draft inter-vivos transfers, wills, trusts and other legal documents for the purpose of managing and or distributing your estate , no matter how big or small.

Our Team is prepared to assist beneficiaries of an estate to navigate through the sensitive and painful process of obtaining letters of probate and administration  as well as overseeing the final distribution of estates. In the unfortunate event that your loved one has passed on intestate or where a will is being challenged our legal team will stand by our clients every step of the way.


Oil & gas

Tanzania is potentially the hub of oil and gas in East Africa subject to current discoveries of oil and Gas around coastal regions. We advise on the complex legal, financial and commercial issues associated with upstream, midstream and downstream developments in Tanzania and/or East Africa, and have a group of acknowledged legal experts in the oil and gas industry, offering depth of resource, local expertise and commitment to the key oil and gas players across the globe.


LYSON LAW provides top-tier legal expertise in the power sector, including conventional power, and energy networks, for domestic, advising you on all aspects of major cross-border acquisitions, joint ventures, asset exchanges, privatisations, trading and marketing, disputes, regulation and market reform, competition/antitrust issues, environmental issues, public procurement matters, as well as project development (including construction aspects) and project finance within the power sector.

Mining & metals

We provide lawyers, who will advise a broad range in the mining and metals sector including major mining companies, junior mining companies, development banks, international financial institutions, commercial banks, contractors and governments across the full range of issues that apply to the sector.


On Energy we will update and advise on legislative and regulatory compliance issues, covering oil & gas, electricity, renewable energy, mining, environmental and climatic trading and general environmental issues. Saving you time and helping you to focus on the implications for your business.


Sports are the essential part which makes the vigorous contribution of social life and encourages common good and harmony. However, it is also a noteworthy economic factor with mounting importance. Lyson Law Group have the qualified personnel and consultants who comprehend the needs and requirements of this vital industry.

Lyson Law has vastly devoted expertise and proficiency in transactional legal practices that impact the Sports and Entertainment industry, which encompass professional athletes, Youth and Amateur Sports, Personal Injury, Trade Marks, Athlete Administration, Contracts and employment, as well as Risks and Remedies.


Lyson Law Group has advanced a wide range of expertise to plentiful sub-industries of Entertainment Law on both parts of transactional and litigation. We provide Legal Advice, representation to both individuals and corporations on matters affecting Contracts, Labour, Negotiations, Movies and Theatres, Performing Arts and Licensing and Regulatory Issues, Copyrights Protection and Production Liability Concerns.


This is as far as all types of negligence. If you have suffered from professional negligence from doctors, business leading to loss, injury, defamations, death, accident and trespass. Lyson Law Group has a team of Professional Advocates to guide and advise you the best way of recovering your losses through negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and litigation. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Commercial awareness is key when working with clients to devise tailor-made IP strategies that help drive competitive advantage.

We can advise you on a full range of IP issues, both contentious and non-contentious, including transactions, dispute resolution and strategy.  Our IP litigators work on high-value disputes, as well as resolving smaller issues and counterfeiting problems cost-effectively.

We are experienced in a wide range of industries, including in particular: fast-moving consumer goods, telecoms, entertainment, publishing, digital services, engineering, electronics and fashion.

Our lawyers are well equipped to assist you with immigration needs including obtaining Visa, emmergence travel document, Residence and Work Permits and Citizenship. Our Lawyers under the guidance of our Firm’s Chairman have experience in lodging initial applications for permits as well as appeals where applications have been rejected.