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We are a full service Practice established to provide world-class service with a personalized Tanzanian touch and a particular attention to detail.The Firm was established in October 2019 by Victor Mwakimi and Ms. Lige James, two experienced attorneys desirous of providing quality legal services in a prompt and reliable manner, and all the while maintaining the key values of integrity, hard work and loyalty;  loyalty to both our clients and to our noble profession.In late February of 2021, Lawrence K. Masha Sr., the former Managing Partner of two prominent Dar es Salaam based firms, left retirement to join Lyson Law as its Chairman and full-time partner. Mr. Masha’s joining of the Firm brought to Lyson Law over 25 years of experience in legal practice, government service and corporate leadership.Lyson Law encourages its clients to avoid unnecessary litigation by  employing zero case strategies, based on the principle that “Prevention is better than a cure”. This is achieved through assisting our clients to conduct regular in-house compliance checks based on each client’s unique business model coupled with the provision of well-researched legal opinions as and when requested thus mitigating risk factors that may lead to litigation. We are of the firm belief that litigation should always be a last resort. However, in the case of contentious disputes, should mediation and arbitration fail, the Team at Lyson Law shall always be prepared to defend our Clients’ interests with vigour.The Team at Lyson Law is comprised of a well-blended mix of skills and backgrounds all dedicated to going the extra mile so as to provide a complete solution to our clients’ needs and to do so in a manner that is  “a decimal ahead ” of the rest.

Our Vision

To be the benchmark for service delivery, always being “a decimal ahead “  of the rest.

Our Mission

To ensure that our clients’ interests are secured in a timely manner, through our firm understanding of the law and the environment that surrounds us.

Why Choose Us

Our primary goal is to provide both business and private clients with high-quality legal services. We are more than just lawyers as we strive to work with you rather than for you. We are the confidants of our clients.

We listen to your needs and learn about your legal, business and personal objectives.

We identify, address and resolve challenges in rapid by changing legal and business landscapes.

We maintain the intensity of our focus in providing solutions to legal issues.

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